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Relocating to Nunda


Looking at the possibility of purchasing a home or recreational property in Nunda? There are two member Real Estate Brokers who would love to help you answer all of your questions:

The Village of Nunda enjoys an excellent public water supply and the option of natural gas hookup for heating. The village is wired for DSL internet connection and is wired for Time/Warner cable with both Dish Network and Direct TV as satellite options. The Nunda Volunteer Fire Department keeps our fire insurance rates low and the Nunda Volunteer Ambulance Service keeps us safe. Dansville hospital is only 20 minutes away. The high school in Nunda and the primary school in nearby Dalton provide education to our student population.

Nunda is at the intersection of two major State of New York roads: State Route 408 running north/south connecting to the north/south Route 390 divided highway in Mount Morris; and State Route 436 which runs east/west.

The Genesee Valley meets the foothills of the Appalachian mountains at Nunda, and offers spectacular views in all four seasons. During the growing season the many mature trees in the village hide it from view of the surrounding hillsides, and Nunda virtually disappears.

The Livingston County Office of the Aging has described Nunda as a "naturally occurring retirement community". Sidewalks and tree-lined streets provide easy walking access to village businesses including the supermarket, the bank, the pharmacy, six restaurants, two doctor offices, two attorneys, a vision center, a dental practice, a chiropractor, the public library, performances at the gazebo, the Genesee Valley Greenway trail, the lumberyard/hardware store, six vehicle garages, one car dealer, two auto parts stores, two financial offices, an insurance agency, a modular home dealer, video rentals, two Laundromats, two car washes, a florist, several hair and nail salons, several shopping outlets, the post office, nine churches and two bars.

We welcome you to become part of our community!





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